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With 30 Years Of Experience, We Produce Furniture That Reflects Your Lifestyle

“Fatina XXL”  is a private manufacturing company based in Gostivar, North Macedonia since 1990.
Vision –The goal of the company is to combine customer satisfaction with the style of Fatina XXL. This experience will create a taste that is comfortable and uniquely yours.
A rich past and a remarkable present make Fatina competitive in the trade market. Stories of passion, commitment, and creativity combined with corporate culture continuously drove innovation.
Mission – The major activity of the company is being the safest and most modern production trade of all types of furniture.

Enjoy the comfort, conformity and quality of FatinaXXL luxury and modern furniture.
We offer a large selection of furniture for your desire and imagination. Everything you have dreamed of for a luxurious, comfortable, modern house with European trends. The design of our furniture is based on the concept of simplicity and comfort. Our designers are in constant communication with the requirements of our clients just to design your best and most suitable solution for your rooms and your quality home. Our main focus is on the design based on finesse, the material we build the furniture and the quality in every detail.

Our furniture is prepared with great care by our master.

We make custom furniture for you by our interior designers.

We plan the living spaces of your house together with 3D image.

Would you like us to make custom designs for you?

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