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Romantica Baby

Produced from Special Series Fabrics. Protects you from 100% Cotton

Bedroom for your kids. With drawings, for newborns, with different designs, custom according to the size of your children’s rooms. Whether for girls or boys of different colors according to every taste and request. FatinaXXL also possesses the latest trend of chamber rooms imported directly from Turkey according to your desire and request. Provide your children room like their peers anywhere in the world. The latest trends and their desire. Enjoy your kids making their wish come true.

Buy modern and luxurious furniture. The largest selection of quality furniture for all your imaginations. One of the main features of modern light luxury furniture is the decoration design which is based on the concept of high quality and simplicity. Satisfactory, dynamic, timeless and contemporary design! Characterize your home with Fatina XXL furniture.

Would you like us to make custom designs for you?


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